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I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That is not in Mexico, but it is very close. In fact, we are neighbors and our histories do overlap.

Santa Fe is a small city that resides at over 7000 feet. I can’t remember what that is in meters; but it’s enough to offset, slightly, our southern latitude…or is it longitude?

What that means is that we do get Winter. December is our coldest month. By they way, the mountains (12,000 feet+) are very close by and the skiing is usually wonderful.

My background is in graphic design, but I’ve always been drawn to photography. In addition to PhotoMotion, I have two other websites: one that features black and white photography and the other which features color only photography. It’s a fact: I do enjoy designing, building and “feeding” these three websites.

I’ve recently gotten interested in adding motion to my still photos. That’s easier said than done. So I invented this website to feature, for now anyway, my class assignments. As I mentioned on the homepage, the software I’m using is After Effects ( and naturally, of course) combined with PhotoShop! They work together seamlessly.

My classmates can visit this site and then comment on it through the school’s website portal which is dedicated to this class. The “school” is Santa Fe Community College. The teachers are excellent, The class offerings are great and in the good old days when we could actually be in the building, it was always just a pleasure to walk into the place. It’s alive with art.

And that’s how I want to be too.


“Better too soon than too late”.

Placido Domingo

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