October 7th 2020

This represents my introduction to a program called “After Effects”. There is no sound track. This is my first attempt. More like: this is my first baby-step-crawl into that program. It is NOT easy because “After Effects” has precisely 8,923,642 options built into it. I will need several lifetimes, and or, many reincarnations to get anywhere with it. However, as far as I know, I have only this lifetime, so I’d better get moving.

Type forms designed in “Illustrator”. That was the easy part.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi dignissim dui justo, sagittis faucibus enim consequat blandit. In rhoncus, tortor ac finibus porta, nisi ex malesuada purus, ut lacinia lorem ex vitae nibh. Aenean tincidunt dolor purus, sit amet posuere sapien convallis a. Phasellus at gravida felis, ac accumsan felis. Integer massa nulla, accumsan vel nibh et, elementum luctus ipsum. Aliquam libero eros, pellentesque ac neque in, scelerisque accumsan mi. Aenean vestibulum luctus velit nec fringilla. Pellentesque fringilla volutpat fringilla.

By the way, you might want to look at ipsum ut, mollis euismod purus. Quisque et dictum ante. Pellentesque vitae ullamcorper augue. Donec egestas nibh at dolor efficitur vehicula. Integer suscipit ornare viverra. Aliquam vulputate neque libero, sodales convallis lacus vehicula ac. Phasellus sit amet imperdiet ipsum. Phasellus interdum nulla varius massa tincidunt, vitae lobortis leo imperdiet.


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